autumn classes

We are super excited to be bringing our night schools to women all over London in 2017. The aim is to make affordable training with top trainers available to all. 

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dealing with conflict - 27 September 

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable but having a practical toolkit for managing and resolving conflict can significantly reduce both the amount of conflict we have to deal with and the negative impact it has on our wellbeing and our careers.

Do you tend to shy away from conflict? Are tricky colleagues making you miserable? In this session we will explore the different kinds of work place conflicts we typically encounter, understand why they occur, and learn how to prevent, manage, defuse and even resolve conflict.

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Build relationships, influence people- 3 October  

Building and maintaining strong connections are at the heart of everything we do. Need to be a trusted adviser to your senior client? Want to have more influence with your senior network? Building rapport quickly and easily is key to having better relationships – both in and outside of your agency. This workshop gives you tools and techniques to instantly build rapport, develop better long term relationships and extend your network.

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from burnout to badass- 11 October  

Stress kills creativity, but what if it was good for you? Discover how to get on top of your stress and maintain your work-life balance.

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harnessing your emotional leadership - 17 october 

The need for emotionally intelligent leadership is more critical than ever in the fluid environment of modern creative organisations. With increasingly diverse skill sets and collaborative team working the norm, the most effective creative leaders are those that can truly connect with and influence their teams. This requires leaders to engage their teams not just rationally but emotionally. This engaging workshop will give you strategies and tips to help you build and harness the power of your EQ and learn how to navigate the emotional landscape of being in charge.

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how to beat the block - 18 october 

The pressure to be constantly creative, to find new ideas every day, can be tough. Every creative knows the fear of feeling that you might have run out of ideas, but when this hits what do you do? In this two hour workshop journalist and broadcaster, Harriet Minter, will run you through some of the mental and physical steps you can take to push through the block and give your creativity a boost. 

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mastering bravery: how to silence your inner critic - 1 november   

When people think of doing something brave, the fear of what people might say is quite often overwhelming. This session will encourage us to get to grips with the critic's voices and learn tools and techniques to overcome them. It is those that have got to know these critics voices well that are most able to overcome them and be brave with their lives. We will finish the session by learning about self compassion and learning some tools to try to step change how we speak to ourselves.

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Discover what authentic leadership is. Learn what it means to lead in the 21st century and understand the emerging styles of leadership as we move away from 'coerce and control' in to something new. How can the feminine, vulnerability and intuition have a place in your leadership style? What are the ways in which we move away from our authenticity? Find tips and ways to understand and step in to your own leadership style and maintain your authenticity with Dorit Noble. 

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how to lead - 14 november 

As the editor of The Guardian's 'Women in Leadership', Harriet Minter has met some of the top leaders in the UK. Studies show manywomen get 'stuck' in middle management. Here she shows how to step up to leadership and takes some of her learnings, including how to create a vision for yourself, your work and your life.

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Accelerating your career (by focusing on purpose / strengths / values) - 22 november

This workshop encourages you to pause, reflect and take charge of the direction of your career. Too often we wait for our line managers to determine our progress, or get so busy we neglect to map out our most fulfilling career path. We will use coaching techniques to explore our career purpose - what is the difference that we truly want to make in the workplace? What are the skills and values that will support us in delivering this? Finally, we will start to put together a career development plan, incorporating our learnings. You will leave with an action plan that you can step in to right away that will support you in accelerating your career in the most fulfilling way possible.

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