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Our vision

Diverse teams = diverse work = diverse audiences


Our vision

Diverse teams = diverse work = diverse audiences



Come and hear from our alumni about this life-changing programme, what you can do to get back into creative work + what to expect in 2020!

We'll have:

  • Caitlin Ryan, EMEA Regional Director of Creative Shop at Facebook

  • Eileen Hanna, Baileys Marketing Manager for Europe

  • Rachel Gott of Apple&Ink, London's creative-only independent recruitment agency

  • Alumni from the very first #CreativeComeback cohort, sharing their experience

We'll cover what idea's and pitches creative directors are looking for, sample's of our top class training with D&AD and top tips from on what a good book looks like in 2020.

We're at Facebook London in Rathbone Square. Tickets are £15, but if this is out of your reach and you want to come, email elly[at]creativeequals[dot]org to confirm your place. Lunch is provided (cheers Facebook!)


diverse teams = diverse work = diverse audiences

Inclusive cultures drive innovation, profitability, creativity and happiness.
Be part of the change.



Only 16% of creative directors are women

The typical gender split of junior designers in creative industries is 60:40, in favour of women. What happens on your ladder between a junior role and a management role?

BAME employees make up 5.5% of senior leadership in the creative sector

In London, the heartland of the Media + Advertising industry, BAME makes up 40% of the population. Why don’t our creative agencies reflect the local community?




GET Accredited

Build a better culture.

Gain your business Equality Standard certification with a diversity and inclusion audit, analysis and road map to meet your diversity and inclusion goals. Return on investment includes:

  • Reduce churn, saving on recruitment and onboarding fees.

  • Improve transparency, understand how different groups really feel.

  • Create high-performing teams that are productive, effective and autonomous.

  • Mitigate brand equity risk with less campaign backlash and create work designed for all.

‘Having the independent advice and counsel of Creative Equals has been tremendous. Not only did they chart a roadmap towards making our agency more inclusive, but they gave us the quick wins to drive some quick changes, which gave us greater confidence too. Not to mention the ROI on our bottom line!’

- Dave Miller | CEO at Red Brick Road



I+D workshOPS

Culture doesn't change by itself. Training for culture, people and equality. 

  • Onsite or offsite, 1-to-1 or a large group. We work with what’s best for you.

  • Our workshops are built split into five D&I pillars: Purpose + Values, Inclusive Culture, Leadership + Management, Recruitment and Equality.

  • Training + workshops is the easiest way to make cost-effective culture change.

  • Unconscious Bias training, Inclusive Recruitment, Diversity Leadership, the Equality Act - we've got you covered.

‘The whole IAB team greatly benefitted from your Unconscious Bias training – in an enjoyable and collaborative session we were encouraged to recognise and be aware of our biases and shared ways to become more aware and more inclusive. We very much appreciated this and learned a great deal from this session with you!’

- Sonia Amin, Director of Campaigns at IAB

The_Fewer,_The_Proud,_III_MEF_hosts_women’s_leadership_symposium_140515-M-ZH183-962 2 copy.jpg

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


inclusive recruitment workshop

Recruitment is biased. Disabled people might not (literally) be able to get through your door. Potential entrepreneurs in your business may have their CVs dismissed if they’re dyslexic (40% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic), if they have typos (or their emails do). Creatives over 50+ have an amazing wealth of knowledge, are great face to face communicators and have the skills to help mentor/grow a team efficiently. How many over 50's are on your shop floor

Many companies, use a staff incentivised bonus scheme and ‘hire direct’ from friends of friends. What this can mean is that unless you’re diverse yourself, you’ll end up hiring the same kinds of people over and over again.

Bias is the reality in any workplace, but it doesn't have to be.

With National Inclusion Week coming up (23 - 29th September!) we're holding an open 3.5-hour workshop to help you reduce bias in your recruitment process. Game changing for inclusion and diversity right from the start of your resource supply chain.


  • 24th September, 9:30am - 1:00pm

  • Publicis Sapient. Eden House, 8 Spital Square, London E1 6DU, UK

  • Tickets £175


  • Understand how bias can influence your candidate selection (and who might be struggling to get through this process)

  • Rethink your recruitment outreach

  • Understand how to create an inclusive supply chain

  • Gain a selection of tools to take away and apply

Culture is to recruiting what product is to marketing. Places are limited, so get in quick!






Our flagship conference, yes! It's time to RISE. Only 13% of creative director contracts are currently given to women (and they are paid 7% less than their male peers). This is why RISE exists to change that across the creative and tech industries.

And, we're INCLUSIVE. For change to happen, we need everyone to be involved in the narrative.

We explore themes on:
- how to design for 'inclusive creativity' and shape ideas for all
- what's keeping CMOs up at night 
- how to create high-performing teams 
- understand the operating landscape 
- discover the art of negotiation
- find out about the new emerging tech playgrounds 
- understand authentic leadership 
- learn from some of the industry's best creative minds
- how to be an #inclusiveCreative
- and so much more. 

2019 was a blast - keep an eye out for next year!



The only conference of its kind for neurodivergents and their allies. We put on a proper show with the industry’s most inspiring neurodiverse speakers and provide hands-on workshops from our partner bodies (like the National Autism Society).

This is a conference about ‘neurodiversity’ (our working definition of what this encompasses is ADHD, ADD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourettes). We recognise that the boundaries of what neurodiversity constitutes are not universally agreed and likely to change over time. We are open to alternative perspectives for future events and recognise that the topics discussed year to year may well be relevant to some of these groups of people too.

Some of the best creative minds are divergent thinkers, and we explore how to reap the benefits of #diverseminds in the workplace. How can we create welcoming environments where different types of brains can thrive? What are the barriers those with aspergers, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and more face when it comes to recruitment, retention and promotion? 

We explore that and more. Returning in 2020!


Who is building diversity with us?

Who is building diversity with us?





Get in touch! ali@creativeequals.org






We’ve launched a facebook community to support people who want to create a more inclusive culture at work and in their own lives. This is your place to share work, ideas, events and opinions.


News And Views

News And Views