Your Media Voice Workshop

Trainer: Harriet Minter with The Guardian and Women in Leadership
Deliverables: 1 .5day bespoke workshop for 6-8  participants


This is a one-day workshop designed to help participants understand media and how it works, to enhance their own personal brand and to take the first steps to building their profile as a “go to” person. It will cover how to find your niche, how to build your brand using social media, how to build relationships with journalists, and how to establish your own voice through blogging, guest articles and TV/ Radio. 

Key skills covered:

  • Identifying your media voice
  • Using social media to build your
  • brand
  • Understanding the importance of
  • tone, timing and authenticity
  • How to find, and build
  • relationships, with journalists
  • The importance of story-telling


In advance:

Prior to the training, participants will be asked to complete and return a survey asking them what they hope to gain from this workshop. It will also ask them to identify the key publications/ media outlets that they want to engage with, and to identify who they admire currently. We'll build a personalised workbook which we will use on the day to design their media voice, identify the key topics they want to own and establish which media outlets they will be focus on.

We will identify any coverage opportunities that they’re missing out on (are their social media chats they should be participating in, events they should be aiming to speak at etc) and help them think about the type of persona they want to create.  


On the day:
AM session: what is “a media voice”, how the media works, how you wish to be portrayed
The day begins with discussion and analysis “your media voice”, plus case studies of who does it well. These will be tailored to the group and feature some of the people they identified in the pre-training survey. We’ll look at why these people have such a strong media voice and what we can learn.

We’ll look at the different types of media outlets, everything from traditional B2B print formats through to Snapchat. Participants finish the day with a clear idea of the audience for each format and how they can use them to develop their brand, connect with clients and develop their business. We use their workbooks to create a targeted plan which will help them start to build up their presence in these areas.

Before lunch we do a brainstorming exercise to help all participants come up with at least three key topics they could be writing or speaking about.

PM session - blogging, social media content plan and next steps

Participants will write a short blog outline on a chosen topic, aimed at a specific media outlet.

We will analyse these and look at:

  • The difference between writing a report and writing an opinion piece
  • How to structure a piece so that it is engaging online and in print, and highly shareable
  • How to give a strong opinion without crossing the line 
  • The importance of promoting your work and how to do this.

We’ll move to a social media plan, looking at where the participants are active on social media at the moment, and what they’re missing out on. We’ll cover the topics they should be talking about on social media, and how to find people to engage with. We’ll look at tone and texture, and use their workbooks to develop a social media content plan for the next few weeks. The day concludes with three steps to be taken within the next month to build their media voice. These include pitching a blog piece, updating their social media, networking with key influencers and industry events.

Post training:

Option of a one-hour individual coaching call or meeting with each participant. This would check in on how much progress. We’d identify key blockers and come up with solutions for overcoming them. We’d also create a new next steps plan to get them back on track.

NB: This comes at an additional cost.