Unconscious Bias Training

Trainer: Roxanne Hobbs
Deliverables: 3 hour bespoke workshop for up to 12 participants


This session has been designed to support agencies as we endeavour to build a more diverse and more inclusive workplace. Our industry relies on creativity and innovation to get ahead - skills that are not bound by gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age. In fact, having a more diverse group of people working should mean that we perform better with a more diverse range of opinions and approaches around the table. While most people are behind this objective and endeavour ‘to do the right thing’, one of the things holding us all back is unconscious bias.


Put simply, we all hold biases about people, events and situations that come from a place of stereotyping and assumptions. It is a universal human trait. It is nothing to be ashamed of, rather a product of the culture in which we have grown up. However, it can derail our corporate endeavours to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This workshop will explore the concept of unconscious bias and encourage you to look at where your own biases lie, thus making the unconscious conscious. 

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to articulate what unconscious bias is, why it is a universal human trait and how their own biases might have been formed.

  • An increased understanding of their own internal biases and how this might influence their decision making

  • An understanding of what they might do to counter their bias. 

Part 1 - Introducing the business case for diversity and inclusivity and how operating from a place of bias is inefficient in commercial terms. 
Part 2 - R
ecognising our own bias. We all hold unconscious biases – to stereotype is to be human. Roxanne introduces participants to the concept of unconscious bias and then we all take a Harvard implicit bias test. We will discuss our biases, how our own biases might have been formed, how they might influence our behaviour and how our current culture and environment might reinforce or challenge these biases. 
Part 3 - T
aking what we have learnt about unconscious bias and making it actionable. We will talk about recent research looking in to ways to check your bias and reach a series of commitments as a team. 


Participants to bring wifi enabled laptops and access to a (Mac friendly) projector.


“Thanks so much for this morning's session Roxanne, I found it really interesting. Even as a woman, and someone completely on board with the diversity agenda, it's always good to think about what you could do differently within your own team and to question some of your default behaviours. The research was also really enlightening, particularly for a natural introvert!” 

- Patricia McDonald, COO, Isobar

“The diversity and inclusivity workshop was a great eye-opener to the unconscious bias we all need to be aware of. It was incredibly interesting to consider the real business case for inclusivity – from having a better understanding of our client’s diverse audiences to shaking up our working practices to deliver a more innovative product. ... (the) content has a far greater reach, making you think about how your small unconscious actions could alienate individuals in your team, reducing their motivation and increase churn”  

- Alison Bachrynowski, Business Director, Isobar