Resilience: How to survive and thrive

Got criticised? Piece of work bombed? Resilience is a fundamental life skill. We all have it; we don't always use it. Life can be tough. The ability to be strong in the face of adversity and recover quickly, will allow you to better manage difficult situations in the future. Become resilient - and your career will fly. 

Learn with one of London’s top trainers.

  • Recognise and understand your own resilience
  • Discover ways to boost your natural resilience


Change the direction of your career with this powerful workshop. Discover how to create the career you want and how to go and get it. This is a hands-on, goal-orientated session with one of London’s top trainers. Create the career you want and master your destiny. 


How do you know an idea will take off? Discover how to work to a ‘lean canvas’ and validate your propositions with an eye to business objectives and consumer insight. This is a practical working session rooting creative in business strategy. 

Be Your Own PR

In a highly competitive market, you must stand out. Learn how to create your own personal brand, have a strong online presence and get more of the jobs you want. From creating your own identity to being ‘seen’ in the market place, discover how to stand out from the crowd. 

How to sell creative work

What makes clients buy work? And what’s the best way to sell it? A senior planner talks through ways to sell in work and how to deal with difficult clients. If you make the work, then learn the art of selling it. 

Presentation Skills

Present like a pro with Rebecca MacKenzie’s Method. Learn how to have gravitas and presence in a room and handle a crowd.

You’ll leave with confidence in your presentation skills, techniques actors use to still nerves and an effective story- telling structure. 

Body Language

Your body language shapes how you are and how you’re perceived. Learn how to own a room, inspire a team and have presence with effective body language. Leave learning the difference body posture can make to stilling your nerves, commanding authority and managing the way people respond to you. 

The art of the pitch for ACDS/senior creatives 

As a senior creative lead, you first couple of pitches are often high-pressured. Learn how to craft a great pitch story, lead your team under pressure and deliver a winning pitch. Creatives leave knowing how to tell a captivating story, create an effective presentation, work quickly under pressure and run a tight team. 

How to give creative direction

‘I’m just not feeling it’ is the kind of creative direction everyone dreads. How do you give constructive feedback? What’s the best way to evaluate and shape work? What if the work is way off your expectations? Learn how to give powerful creative direction. 

How to make friends with your inner critic

We all have a voice inside that is our own fiercest critic. And often not mastering this voice holds us back. With women, particularly as young girls, we are conditioned to strive for ‘perfection’, which makes us always feel somehow not quite good enough, or ‘imposters’. 

How to write you like feel

This workshop covers how to write like a pro. Turn your language into a real conversation with real feeling that makes people act. This is about evoking emotion and creating a real connection with audiences through the power of words. Learn from a top D&AD judge who has written for top brands for the last 20 years.

How to write a brand tone of voice

As a copywriter, you’ll be asked to create a ‘tone of voice’ document, the bedrock for how a brand ‘speaks’. This session teaches you how to craft the ‘voice’ of a brand from scratch and turn it into a document all writers then use.