Only 12% of creative directors are women. And, just when creatives are stepping up to leadership roles, motherhood comes along. With a career gap and a biased recruitment sector, it’s difficult to return. 

Our returners programme is a way to address the gender pay gap as well as an opportunity for our founding partners to show up as a forward-thinking company. We also ask that you have flexible working practices in place.

Here’s why your company should be involved:

  • We help you set up a coaching/peer support system within your business

  • Returners bring invaluable real-life experiences (soft skills, which our returners have in droves, was said to be more important than hard skills by 57% of leaders surveyed in LinkedIn's 2018 survey.)

  • Provide valuable role models for young women in your business, allowing more women to progress up the ladder. They are likely also to improve your gender pay gap.

  • Create a family friendly environment, reducing your turnover and improving company culture.

  • Many are laser focused at work, driving a new efficient work culture.

How much will it cost?

Founder partner: we ask for £1,500 for a small company and £3,000 for a large company (over 350 people).

You gain:

  • PR and press

  • Access to an onsite business coach and liaison

  • Contribute to those who may needs funds and support

  • Access to fresh talent

  • Be a member of a sustainable UK programme

Note: we use ALL funds to scale a long-term programme across the UK and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to join next years program, get in touch: