Raring to go? Great! Here's a list you can get going on right away!

First three:

  1. Take Stock
    Take a formal audit of the women within your agency creative department. Share this with us here at Creative Equals in exchange for our badge as a signal to female creatives outside and inside your company that you’re committed to diversity. And, you’re actively working to redress the imbalance.
  2. Start from Within
    Take a look at the female creatives you have in your creative department. Do you have junior talent to develop? A senior ripe for an ACD role? Make sure they know what it takes to move ‘up one rung’.
  3. Talk it up
    Learn that if you are not talking about your involvements and accomplishments they will more than likely go unnoticed. Many women wait for recognition from above rather than sharing all of the good stuff along the way. As Nina DiSesa says in her book, be the squeaky wheel. Get noticed.