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Diverse Minds: Insight into Action Recap

Diverse Minds: Insight into Action Recap

WOW. This day was moving. And, like last year, so many good things have already happened. We held our second sell-out #DiverseMinds conference at Havas London HQ, in partnership with The Hobbs Consultancy. We had a phenomenal line up,  but most of all, the conversations were open and honest. Agony Autie had all of us in tears. We hope everyone walked away knowing how to gain support and take away stigma, to be the ally, how to listen deeply, and why neurophobia is real. Most importantly, to know, as a neurodivergent, you're not alone. There is a fantastic write up by Nicky Kemp in Campaign on the 6 main takeaways of the day.

And, for all the parents of neurodivergents, our aim was to put as many incredible role models on stage.Ali Hanan, our CEO, also had a frank heart-to-heart with fellow dyslexic, Steve Hatch, VP for Facebook, Northern Europe on 'vulnerable leadership' and how it's 'OK to ask for help'.
Watch Hatch talk 'shit' typos on Campaign's youtube channel here

We can't thank our sponsors enough: Huge IncOmnicom Media GroupDirectLineThe Mill, Leila at the IPA and PassionPrint. Plus it all went flawlessly, thanks to Emily Philp, from FlexEvents and lovely photos from Bronac McNeill

For those who would like to join a growing neurodiversity community, head to The Future is ND

We are excited to highlight a new community has been launched by Emma Case to amplify the voices of neurodivergent women - Women Beyond the Box.

If you are interested in learning more, we run 'Rewire the way you hire' workshop to help you hire with neurodiversity in mind. Make sure you're embracing different thinkers in your hiring process.
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