Does the industry need quotas to drive change? Some leaders, such as Google’s ad marketing director Nishma Robb, discussed how without quotas the industry ‘won’t move at the pace we need to’. Meanwhile, D&AD chief executive Tim Lindsay agrees, adding that "things haven’t changed as quickly as they should". Lindsay suggested that quotas and targets will hasten the pace of change. 

Mr President's creative partner Laura Jordan-Bambach put across how there is a wider diversity issue in terms of recruitment, discussing how leaders should say to their recruiters, "where are the women? Where are the people of colour? Where are the disabled people? Where are the people who haven’t gone to university?".

Victoria Buchanan, executive creative director at Tribal London, believes that "people should be questioned why they haven’t got diversity within their company".

And the co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, Sandi Toksvig, said "quotas and targets are the only way we’re going to get forward", a view echoed by many of the attendees. 

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