The IPA's average age of all employees at its member agencies is 33.7 years old.

79% of ad professionals agreed that our industry comes across as ‘ageist’ in a 2016 industry survey.*

42% of women reported that they don’t see themselves in the industry past the age of 50.

And on the flip side, many young people in the industry are often told that they ‘lack gravitas’ and ‘aren’t quite ready for the board’.

So where does this leave us? With a very narrow window of time to succeed.

On Tuesday 24th April Bloom hosted a panel to stretch 'The Window' by bolding challenging the truths about age in our industry. Moderated by Nicola Kemp (Features Editor at Campaign), Jan Gooding (Global Inclusion Director at Aviva), Jonathan Durden (Co-Founder of PHD Media), Stephanie Matthews (Bloom Head of Marketing & Commercial Audiences Manager at ITV) and Robyn Frost (Creative at Poke & Journalist) discussed ageism they'd encountered and how to negate it's effects. 

If you were unable to attend you can read the take-outs from this panel in Nicola Kemp's  Campaign article.