HR Diversity Policy Review

Trainer: Harriet Minter

  • 3x 1 day onsite workshops/interviews
  • Analysis of company culture + key HR policies
  • Plan of Action for improving gender diversity
  • Post Implementation Review

Add on 1: For a better picture of your company’s cultural strengths and weaknesses, Harriet recommends 10-20 interviews. She can bring in staff at an additional cost of £500 per person, per day.

Add on 2: Interviews with former staff members. Harriet contacts and interview up to 8 former members of staff. These interviews will be included in the final report.


Harriet uses her knowledge of the diversity space to help analyse and review your current policies, with the aim of identifying what is working and what you could be doing. We all know that time is at a premium so Harriet helps you focus on the areas where you can make the most impact. There is no “one size fits all” solution to diversity – you can’t do it all – so Harriet helps you work out policies that work with your company’s culture to maximise change. The process includes policy evaluation, salary benchmarking and delivery implementation. Harriet’s method of working ensures buy-in at senior levels, bringing about culture change but without massive upheaval, and allows you to feel confident your diversity policies are the best in industry.


Harriet works with you to go through your current policies, including looking at recruitment and promotion processes. This entails working with the HR team to look at culture and behaviours within the organisation, the long-term aims of the organisation and the areas that need to be addressed. Part of this day involves interviewing five members of staff from across the organisation. Harriet use these anonymous interviews to create a true picture of the organisation, areas for development and where your employees think you excel.

Harriet meets with senior members of the leadership team to establish their priorities and how they see the business. From there she draws up a profile of the business.  This will include an analysis of the company’s culture and how this can be used to push its diversity agenda forward. She looks at current diversity policies and make suggestions for how these could be adapted and improved. Finally, she suggest alternative policies and an implementation process for these.


Once you have your evaluation and key policies in place, Harriet works with the HR and comms teams to develop a plan that ensures excitement throughout the organisation about changes, buy-in at all levels and a clear structure of checks and balances to ensure the programme works. The section starts with a half-day workshop with the HR and comms teams to ensure everyone is clear on the key policies.

We’ll look at who the key stakeholders are within the business and how they can be leveraged to ensure buy-in from members of staff. We’ll identify those within the business who could be diversity champions, and how we can use their internal influence to ensure that the policies become part of the company’s culture. From the workshop, Harriet then draws up an action plan for the HR and comms teams to implement. This include key dates, potential workshops to be run for management, suggestions for training programmes and a comms plan around announcing these new initiatives. Harriet will also make suggestions for potential external comms around this issue which could be undertaken.


Harriet facilitates a one day workshop with senior management setting out the new policies and how they will be integrated into current working practices. This includes setting out the clear case for improving diversity, explaining some of the challenges identified throughout the organisation, and leading a discussion around the policies. It will end with a clear list of values and behaviours and practices that they will be modelling, and asking their teams to model, going forward.


Harriet conducts a one-day interview process to assess whether or not those values and behaviours that the senior management team set out are implemented. She creates a report with an analysis of what is working and what requires actions.