We believe change starts with the way agencies approach hiring all the way to giving women what they need to make it to the top. By working closely across all aspects of creative over the next five years, we want to change the ratio so it reflects the world we live in.


with you, we work through a three-phase action plan.



We seek to understand your creative department and provide recommendations.


Working with your internal team, we'll look at areas to develop, including succession plans, your pipeline, areas of risk. 


Once we’ve have a plan, we identify key check-in points, plus opportunities for your talent.


Our badge is the kite-mark of the creative industry. It’s a signal to show female creatives in the industry your agency is committed to giving them what they thrive and succeed in your creative department. It’s also a donation towards our non-profit organisation to help young female creatives with internship scholarships and returning Mums come back to the industry. Above all, it shows your agency is committed to diversity and part of a movement to change.

Creative Equals interns

Working with D&AD, the Young Creative Council and the Big Bang (Daniel Marks), we bring in talented young female creatives to agencies.  You will assign a mentor, briefs and clear objectives.


Mentors and coaches

 With many creative leaders to busy to mentor, we provide an on-call, paid-for mentoring system to creatives when and where they need it. We set up an internal scheme, but also an external scheme.

Creative Equals RETURNships

 When women leave the industry for long period, they can find it hard to come back. With a RETURNship, you give someone a couple of live briefs so they can put fresh work in their portfolio.


Creative Equals scholarships

With Major Players, we have the Helen Stokes Scholarship, which gives two young women the chance to come to London and intern at a top agency.