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YASSS! Summer School is back

This summer we are opening the doors again to our Be Awesome Night School, in partnership with WPP. 

No need to worry about your status or expertise as it's open to all. If you are keen to skill up this summer and focus on mastering creativity, tackle some of that imposter syndrome and takeaway key learnings and insights from our roster of talented top trainers then get your tickets here!

Powerful Presentation and Pitching 
Rebecca Mackenzie - Author, Performer, Movement Trainer & Lecturer 

Pitches can often be high-pressured. Learn how to craft a great pitch story, lead your team under pressure and deliver a winning presentation. Leave knowing how to tell a captivating story, create an effective presentation, and how to work quickly under pressure to ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

About Rebecca Mackenzie

Rebecca is a master of movement training and presentation, understanding how movement and moment can influence a performance. She's a visiting lecturer in Improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School, and a contemporary author. 

All of us need to become the masters and owners of our career development. Take ownership and substitute summer evening drinks for stimulation and skilling up! Classes are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm (with pizza). Put the dates in your calendar, treat yourself to a ticket and come and learn with us!