Our badge is the kite-mark of the creative industry. As an agency or company, when you sign up to go 50:50 you commit  create lasting change with us. We believe 'what gets measured, gets done'. By taking this stand, you show creatives, clients and the industry your agency is committed to creating the frameworks for diverse creatives to thrive and succeed in your creative department. Additionally, you'll contribute to our work across the entire industry, helping juniors get on the ladder, Mums back into businesses, organising 50:50 juries, student scholarships and more.

We have a simple three-step process. 


We look at where you are now, which includes a comprehensive evaluation, which includes a survey with your staff. With the badge you receive training for your hiring team, a C-suite ‘Why’ and a best-practice overview. 


Next, we work with your creative leads and HR team to tailor a plan, which may include talent pipeline plans, succession plans, areas of risk, policy reviews and more. You also receive 15% discount with The Dots as 61% of their platform are female.  


With clear areas to work, we’ll work with your creative and talent teams to make sure we fulfil our goals and work towards meeting your targets. We can set up a mentoring scheme (and train all mentors) within your business. 


Developing diversity



Diversity starts with the way you hire your talent in. We coach your hiring teams on how to challenge their biases and look for fresh talent. We also coach on how to look for 'potential' and from the 'one rung below'. 



We set up an internal scheme, but also can bring in external coaches as required. Most importantly, we coach the mentors on how to be effective with the GROW model. With some creative leaders too busy to mentor, we provide an on-call service to creatives when and where they need it. Throughout the business, we identify champions to help talent progress.



Diverse talent may get ‘stuck’ at mid-management. Working with your L&D managers, we supercharge your low performers and accelerate your high potentials. We are launching the Future Leaders School in June. 



Two-thirds of female creatives believe they can’t stay in adland with a young family. We look at retention rates, maternity coaching and parent programmes. Mums are this industry's 'elephant in the room', so we need to work harder to help them stay - and bring them back. 



Our trainers coach in everything from affinity and unconscious bias training (recommended for everyone who makes hiring decisions) to workplace culture best practice.  For HR directors, we are your diversity right-hand. 




We understand the advertising/marketing industry will reach its full potential with the experiences and talents of all.


We are behind advancing gender equality in our agency, particularly in creative departments, addressing the loss of women across the career pipeline and the absence of women at a senior creative level.


We commit to changing unequal gender representation across all creative disciplines (copy, art direction, design, film directors and creative technology).


For clients looking for agencies committed to diversity, our badge is now championed by the:

Ready to go diverse?