We believe we won't have inclusive and diverse creative work on screens and in the media until we have inclusive workplaces and diverse teams creating what we see in the media. That's why we're here to help the creative industry unleash the power of all talents, working with agencies, companies, recruiters and the wider industry. What we see is many organisations know their 'why', but the 'how' is the key. 

We have a simple four-step process (assess, design, build, review) which helps build out a practical plan, including how to implement measurement ('you can't manage what you don't measure'). We work closely with your teams, bringing in our expert team of trainers who understand how to unlock work cultures and creativity. To assess where you're at, we deep-dive into three core areas and help you 'unblock' pipelines and progression paths for diverse talent. One of the key areas is recruitment, which is where we can work with your in-house teams, supply chain or those on the hiring front-line. 


To begin, we delve into two views, first looking at your practices and policies, then compare this view with how they're working for people within your business. So, for example, what we may see is that as a company you'll have a progressive flexible working policy. However, your staff may tell us they believe working flexibly will hinder their career progression. With this data, we can help you move forwards. 

We can also track your HR policies with those across the industry.

We look at your make-up around gender, BAME, age, LGBTQ, ability, education, social-mobility, neurodiversity and wellness, understanding who is 'present', but also how inclusive work cultures can help everyone thrive. Then we work out key 'levers' based on what we discover. We'll connect you with specialist groups to help bring in fresh talent into your business. 


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